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Difference between Shampoos for humans and pets

If you are a pet parent who is interested in keeping up and making sure that your pet baby is clean, healthy and happy, then you would interested in knowing the nuances of dog grooming and its components. Grooming is an essential part of your dog’s life and you will always have to invest in good grooming services to make sure that your pet’s health and cleanliness is constantly maintained. Not only do they need grooming for staying clean, they also require grooming for a lot of health reasons – they need to have clean, trimmed fur so ticks and diseases don’t stick, need to get their body parts clean so any bacteria on them do not develop into diseases and sometimes grooming also helps in identifying various underlying health conditions since it requires fondling and cleaning of a lot of intimate places which can be where a lot of diseases develop. Identifying ear infections becomes very easy if you are regular with grooming. Not only that, the chances of developing ear infections itself reduces by a significant percentage when you are making sure to have your pet groomed regularly.


 One of the main components of grooming is washing – and a lot of people in the pet community are not very particular about what shampoos are being used to clean the pet since most shampoos have the same base components and function pretty well. If you are one of those people who have ever wondered what is the difference between the shampoos human beings use and the shampoos that are used to clean your pet’s fur, then here are some basic differences that the two kinds of shampoos have in layman’s terms. 


  • Conditioning elements – Almost all the shampoos made for usage of human beings have conditioning elements in them. However, pet shampoos do not necessarily have those. This is because people do not necessarily attach a lot of importance into conditioning the pet’s fur as the main objective is usually just to make sure that the fur is clean. 


  • Concentration – Pet shampoos are often thought to be more concentrated in terms of their ingredients. However, due to evolution of pet products, this might not hold true anymore. Most manufacturers who deal exclusively with pet products have started realsing that pet parents have become more and more aware and particular about what they use to groom their pet. However, there are few pet shampoos out there that are more concentrated than shampoos used by humans. What is more important, is that pet shampoos are less likely to have too many scents, or too many fruit or flower extracts as they might be unknowingly allergic to it. 


  • Labelling – Pet shampoos usually do not mention all their ingredients on the label (as they are not particularly required to) while shampoos that humans use have that requirement (which is why you usually can ascertain everything that a shampoo has and decide if you want to use it) 


  • Acidic elements – pH balance of humans is usually more on the acidic side while for pets (especially dogs), it is more on the neutral side. So shampoo brands take this into consideration while formulating their shampoos so the skin’s pH balance is not disrupted. It is not advisable to use human shampoos on dogs for this reason, as it might be ending up being too acidic for your pet. 


  • Additives – Usually, human shampoos contain a lot more additives than pet shampoos. Pet shampoos do not have to have a complicated formula to do their job. However, human shampoos have to cater to different preferences of scents, flavors and concentrations. 
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