Everything you need to know about being a PawSpace pet sitter

Pet sitting is a concept where one takes care of pets while their pet parents are away for their own reasons – sometimes for just a few hours and sometimes for a few days (in which case, it is called pet boarding). These services are often seeked by pet parents who want to make sure that their pet babies are always taken care of well. Like every city, there is a need for good, reliable pet sitters in Bangalore to ensure that the pet babies in the city are well taken care of.

Pawspace is a platform built for and by pet lovers. It is aimed at ensuring that all the pet babies get the best care that they deserve by good, certified and qualified people. As much as pet parents love taking care of their own pet babies, a little help hurts nobody. It is always better to seek services from professionals when as pet parents, it might be out of depth of our abilities. Which is why Pawspace was built to ensure that it gives a hoard of services that will ensure all the needs of a pet are taken care of. One of these services is professional pet sitting services. The best part about it? If you are an animal lover with sound knowledge about their behavior and some experience with them, you can also become a Pawspace certified pet sitter in Bangalore. Here is all you need to know about the PawSpace process – 


  1. Registration – The first step, as always, is registration. If you are an interested candidate you simply have to visit, provide details about yourself, and register yourself as an interested pet sitter in Bangalore. It is completely free to register yourself and the process involves just filling a simple form with basic yet necessary details about yourself. 


  1. Verification – Pawspace believes in ensuring quality and reliable services for all. Which means, it becomes vital that the registered individuals are checked for their authenticity and legality. Hence, there is a simple second step where one has to provide their KYC and background details so the customer team can verify the candidate effectively. This also builds trust in the community in terms of ensuring that every service provider has the necessary identification details.


  1. Interview – This stage is essentially to ensure that the candidate truly possesses their aforementioned experiences and skill sets to become a certified pet sitter in Bangalore with Pawspace. This is a one-on-one process where a few simple questions pertaining to the candidate and their skills will be asked so as to ensure authenticity and quality when it comes to the pet sitting services of Pawspace.


  1. Assessment – If the candidate gets through the verification and the interview stage, the next stage consists of a process to ensure and strengthen their pet care knowledge. The selected candidates are provided with resource materials that will have the basic rules and understanding of providing pet care services. After the candidate goes through the material thoroughly, they are given a quiz which they will have to pass to get through to the next stage. The quiz will solely contain pet-related and pet care related questions to ensure the knowledge base of the potential pet sitters is solid. 


  1. Certification – After the candidates clear the quiz, they have the responsibility to create an attractive pet sitter profile for themselves so they can ensure customers choose them as their pet care providers. This profile will follow a format and highlight their skills, their specializations and their pet care expertise. This will serve as a reference for when customers choose pet sitters in Bangalore for their pet care needs.
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