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Fun games to play with dogs while dog sitting

An efficient pet sitter does more than just feeding the dog. Providing dogs with the proper care includes helping them get the required exercise and spending time with them too! Some dogs tend to get stressed out when they are away from their owners. In order to help them burn off some nervous energy, playing with them may be a good idea. This can also be great if you want to tire down an extra hyper dog. Here are some fun games you can involve them in!

Puzzle toys

It’s no surprise that all pets, including dogs, love their toys to death. If the circumstances don’t allow you to take the dog outside, don’t be disheartened. Puzzle toys are great because they encourage mental stimulation. Although physical activity is crucial for dogs, they require ample mental stimulation as well, to remain healthy. Moreover, puzzle toys can be found in almost every pet store at affordable rates. These days, most pet parents stack such toys up at their homes. However, as a pet sitter, it would be great if you carry a toy yourself to be prepared. Most of these toys involve a challenge (which the furry people) such as – getting food or a treat out successfully. Animals tend to be very determined and for the same reason, your dog can be involved in figuring out how to get the treat for even a couple of hours! 

Obedience training/games

Obedience training involves getting the dog to follow instructions such as stay, sit, rollover, etc. This is great for challenging them both physically and mentally. Not just that, obedience training is an excellent way to brush your training skills, and pave the path towards creating a good understanding between you and the dog. 

Hide and treat

If the above two games don’t appeal to you and the dog, how about a fun game of hide and seek? Simply hide a few treats around the house and leave them to your dog to find them! Just make sure to remember where you hid the treats so you can collect the ones that are remaining before leaving your customer’s home. You must bear in mind not to hide the treats in areas where dogs could do damage, such as on top of a vase.

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