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Fun Games To Play With Felines While Cat Sitting

Most people assume that cats are lazy creatures who spend most of their lounging and napping. However, Like all other animals, cats too require mental and physical stimulation in order to remain physically fit and mentally happy. This is why, as a cat sitter, it is important to indulge the cat in ample physical activity. Kittens, as most of you may know have never-ending amounts of energy and can play all day! However, with adult cats, you may need to motivate and encourage them to play a little. Experts recommended that felines get 2 sessions of 15 minutes long playtime daily. However, before you play with the cat assigned to you, make sure you have a detailed list of any health issues they may be suffering from.

Get cats to jump 

Cats of almost all breeds love to jump. You could make use of a toy and attach it to the door or hold it above the cat’s head. They are surely going to have a lot of fun trying to get hold of the toy.

Bring out their feline hunting instinct

Needless to say, cats love to hunt. Choose a play toy that they can assume is like hunting a prey.

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