The ultimate guide to cat proofing your home as a pet boarder

Every pet parent looks for experience, skill and dedication in a pet boarder. But, if your house is not prepared to accommodate a new friend, especially when they are a curious creature such as one that purrs, well, let’s not get into that…

Here is some advice on how you can pet-proof your house, so everything goes perfectly as planned.

Tie up any loose cables  Cats sometimes may run right into these cords and hurt themselves or even get strangled. So, make sure to tie them up and secure them in a place where naughty kitty wouldn’t be able to reach.    

Cover electric cords Most homes have several cords across walls, which can sometimes threaten cats if they happen to fiddle with them. It can be a good, prudent idea to cover the lines that you don’t use as much.   

Keep the tables clear If a cat can reach your table, it is advisable to eliminate hazardous items such as glass items, rubber bands, medications, etc.   

Poisonous plants and flowers If you have indoor plants such as lilies, sago palms, and cyclamen, move them away for a few days since cats are poisonous to them.   

Hide mothballs If you use mothballs at your home, take them off the floor and secure them for a few days in a drawer. Mothballs, when consumed or sniffed, are a potential threat for cats.  

Keep the toilet seat down Although your friend may have their litter box, cats can get curious when listening to the flush. So, make sure to secure the seat just in case the kitty decides to take a trip to the washroom.  

Keep the washing machine and dryer closed Remember to switch on both only after checking the insides. Sometimes, cats may look for a comfy spot such as a dryer to sleep in. This can take a tragic turn, so make sure to keep them shut.   

Keep cupboards and pantry doors closed Dora the Explorer may plan on taking a little tour of the house now and then. Shut all doors and drawers, so both the cat and your items are safe. 

Cover the trash Cats, when exploring your dustbins, can get stuck in food bags. They may even fall sick sometimes after going through waste. So, make sure to cover your bin at all times.   

That’s it! Consider your home ready for welcoming a cat as long as you’ve taken note of the above-stated precautions. May the both of you have a pawsome time!

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