Who is an ideal pet-sitter?

Are you one of those who run towards people with their pets so you can spend time with them? Do you love the idea of caring for other’s pets? Well, Pet-sitting might be the perfect thing for you! Pet-sitting is basically taking care of another person’s pet for a bound time. As pet owners cannot […]

Dog walking: knowing the why of it

We all love our dogs and would go to great lengths for their care. In addition to the nutrition and loads of affection we shower them with, they need a good amount of exercise for maintaining decent health, ensuring balanced physical and mental well being.   How does walking help our cute floofs? Dogs, by […]

Have fun walking dogs? Here are a few things to keep in mind

Long walks are truly satisfying and stress busting when you walk in the company of a pet by your side. The best part about that is dogs enjoy their time in the outside world and their much-needed exercise time. Although joyous, it comes with its fair share of responsibilities.  There are a few pointers that […]

5 answers you should know as a dog walker

As a dog walker, here are some basic things you should be knowing If you are a dog walker, want to be one, or are simply someone who does dog walking for your own dog because you are a pet parent – it can be a breeze if you know all the right things and […]

The ultimate guide to cat proofing your home as a pet boarder

Every pet parent looks for experience, skill and dedication in a pet boarder. But, if your house is not prepared to accommodate a new friend, especially when they are a curious creature such as one that purrs, well, let’s not get into that… Here is some advice on how you can pet-proof your house, so […]

Leaving your Senior Dog with a Pet Boarder

We understand that vacations, although exciting, aren’t the easiest things to plan for pet parents since it means to be on the lookout for professional pet boarders. You might be more worried when leaving an older dog behind, which requires around the clock care. But there is no reason to worry if you do some […]

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