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Pawpedia: All you need to know about Husky breed

Huskies are one of the more popular breeds when it comes to domesticated dogs. They look extremely cuddly, are known for being friendly around people. They are also known for their striking features and sometimes their eyes that differ in color. If you are a pet lover, then you would have at least heard of the Siberian Husky which is one of the most domesticated huskies in the world. If you want to know a bit more about their history, origin, their temperaments, we have got it all covered for you! Here are some facts about Huskies – 


  • History and Origin: 

Huskies are basically dogs that were bred in extremely cold and high-altitude regions. Their natural origin was in the hilly areas that are snow-covered for most of the year. The word “husky” comes directly from the aboriginal people who lived in the Arctic region and its usage dates as far back as the 17th century. Huskies are very similar to wolves in terms of looks which clearly suggests their origin. The breed husky seems to be a result of admixture (mixture of two separate genetic lineages to form one more distinct genetic lineage). A lot of huskies from the polar regions get their genetic lineage and are most similar to a class of wolves from North Asia called the Taimyr Wolf (They are now extinct). Huskies are mainly sled dogs that are used in extremely cold regions as a way to pull the sleds with people or things on them – which proves that they are extremely strong and can endure quite a bit of weight and exercise.


  • Description: 

They usually have a white and dark-colored (black) combination of fur on their body and have erect ears. They are medium-sized compact dogs with double coats (one inner coat that is extremely soft and the outer coat that is usually harder) which usually have medium hair length for the fur. Their body and tail are extremely furry as they are naturally adapted to live in cold regions. Their eyes are almond-shaped and usually either blue or brown (and sometimes both due to a fascinating phenomenon called Heterochromia Iridium) 


  • Average weight: 

                  Males: 20 to 28 kgs

                  Females: 16 to 24 kgs


  • Average size:

      Females: 20 to 23 inches

      Males: 21 to 25 inches 


  • Average lifespan: 10 to 13 years 

However, the longest living Husky is known to have lived for about 18 years. Just like humans, the healthier food they eat and the more exercise they do, the longer their life span is. Huskies enjoy going out, love the snow, and love staying active so making them exercise will not be the hardest.


  • Activity: Huskies are extremely athletic and love their playtime. They cherish their exercise time and always want to stay active and on their toes. Since they are mostly domesticated to be sled dogs, despite their fairly compact size, they are pretty strong creatures. It is also very important for their health and temperament that they are kept active regularly. Due to their athletic nature, Huskies love when they are given some hard training and physical activity to do on a regular basis. 

  • Temperament: Huskies are intelligent dogs which means that they are quite aloof and curious with strangers. They stay alert but at the same time enjoy the company and are quite friendly. They are known for being courageous and are obedient and easy to train. Sometimes a lot of Husky owners jokingly refer to them as dramatic due to their attachment with their pet parents. They can also serve as great watchdogs.

  • Shedding and grooming: Huskies are not very bad when it comes to shedding especially over the fact that they have double-coated. Consistent and regular grooming can help them stay clean, healthy, and smart-looking.

  • Training: Huskies can handle hardcore training including agility training. They are intelligent, quick, alert, learn and follow commands promptly.


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