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How to relocate your pet within India

Many people complain that they had to turn down promising job opportunities because of the thought that they may have to leave their pets behind while moving to a different city. PawSpace is here to support you with domestic pet relocation in India if you are one among them. If you plan to move to a different city with your pet, look no further for secure and dependable transport for your pet. We ensure timely relocation and have collaborated with trusted agencies to ensure a smooth transition. We also provide pet relocation services during your temporary travels. Our team will take care of all the hassle of the required paperwork for the relocation of your pet, in addition to making sure that your pet is safe and does not face any inconvenience.

Door-to-door services: We ensure that your pet is taken safely from the location provided to the airport and from the airport to where the pet should reach. We understand your worries as a pet parent and promise to keep your pet babies secure and comfortable.

How do we work?

  1. Contact us – Tell us about your pet and your requirements
  2. Plan – We’ll work out a relocation plan that is best suited for you
  3. Logistics – We will get started with the paperwork and let you know the details
  4. Documents – You will have to provide us with all the necessary documents
  5. Door-to-door – We will collect your pet at your door and ensure safety, security and comfort till their destination

Air Travel

Certain airlines such as Air India, Jet Airways, Spice Jet, and Vistara allow pets onboard; however, IndiGo and Air Costa sanction only service animals to help passengers with disabilities. Apart from guide dogs, these airlines allow other pets such as cats, dogs, birds and rabbits as extra baggage or cargo. If you choose the cheaper cargo option, you must remember that you will not be able to travel with your pet, and they will be required to be in a crate. The IATA or International Air Transport Association has pet-friendly guidelines such as an IATA compliant container that is well ventilated, chew proof and leakproof.


All pets must be timely vaccinated to be eligible to fly domestically
They must receive the fit to fly certificate that indicates that they are healthy enough to travel by air
Your pet may not be suitable to fly if they are injured, depending on the extent of their injuries
Dogs younger than 8-12 weeks will not be permitted to fly


Pregnant dogs are not allowed to board flights Rail Travel Dogs can travel with you in the Indian Railways as long as you travel in First Class or Air-Conditioned First Class. You will also be required to book a full 2 or 4 berths.

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