Dog walking: knowing the why of it

We all love our dogs and would go to great lengths for their care. In addition to the nutrition and loads of affection we shower them with, they need a good amount of exercise for maintaining decent health, ensuring balanced physical and mental well being.


How does walking help our cute floofs?

Dogs, by nature’s design, are energetic. Just like us, our dogs need exercise to keep their fitness at optimum levels. They especially must be allowed to use their energy doing constructive activities like walking or training; otherwise, they use it for destructive purposes like chewing the couch or digging a hole in the backyard. Pampering them, feeding them delectable food, letting them laze around all day might seem like a very tempting way of showing your love, but it is certainly not the ideal way.

Boredom and lack of exercise or interaction result in stress along with behavioural, sociability issues. The amount of exercise their age and their breed can usually gauge your dog needs. Taking them out for a walk at least once a day works well. Not only does this give them the much-needed exercise and toilet break to relieve themselves, but it also allows them to get to know their neighbourhood, explore new sights and smells. It also works as a source of mental stimulation for them, strengthens their bones and improves their digestive health. Regular walks as a way of life become vital as it helps them form a routine. Safety is also of paramount importance during these outings. We must make sure that they are safely (and comfortably) leashed and secured to us. In addition to allowing control over our pets, the leash is a necessity for their own protection.

Once done, letting them sniff around, explore their surroundings and socialise with their kind helps them with being in a stress-free state of mind improving their obedience and focus. Dog walking is an essential routine in the day that cannot be ignored and should be incorporated regardless of the breed of the dog (as long as they are fully able).

We all just hope that all the cute little pooches get plenty of exercises and live a long, healthy and happy life with us!

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