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Most common issues faced during dog grooming

Issues faced during dog grooming

Dog grooming can be an extremely rewarding job to have. What’s there not to love? You get to spend time and coddle sweet, little creatures while you also get the fulfillment of satisfying the needs of the pet parent with regards to their pet’s hygiene. Not only that, but you also know that you are making a significant difference in the lives of both the pet parents and the pet itself by playing an extremely important role in making sure that the pet remains clean, healthy, and hygienic. 


As a pet parent, you will already be aware that you cannot get through a significant time period without getting your fur baby groomed. Whether it is about your pet’s looks, or your pet’s hygiene and comfort you need to be regular with their grooming appointments to ensure that they are living their very best life. As rewarding as this job is and as essential as this service is if you are a pet parent, just like any other activity, there can be roadblocks that can make you think that the activity is harder than it should be. Let’s look at some common issues that are faced during dog grooming sessions; this way you know what to look for (both as a pet care service provider and dog parent) in the next dog grooming session – 


  • Cutting their nails

    – While a lot of pet parents are extremely careful about their dog’s nails mainly because it can be hurtful to play with them and they might tear out furniture and clothing, some pet parents might have let their dog’s nails grow more than the optimum length. This might have resulted in broken, damaged nails or nails that are too long for the dog’s own good. While cutting these, the dog(s) might experience discomfort and not cooperate. This might also occur when you are trying to cut nails that are grown at a normal level too. What you can do is distract the dog with their favorite treats and toys and also ensure that you make it seem like this is the most normal activity and do not give off anxious vibes. 


  • Detangling matted hair

    – A lot of dogs might have areas where their fur is too matted and dirty. Obviously, this has to be detangled before it’s brushed out and trimmed. However, this activity might prove to be a little tricky as brushing them out hard might become painful for the dog and hence they might become uncooperative. You will have to try to gently detangle each matted part and only use the brush to do the ends 


  • Shaving the accurate length

    – It can always get tricky while trying to shave or cut the dog’s fur due to the constant shifting. However, it becomes extremely important to make sure that you don’t cut their fur too close to the skin and cause burns. You can ensure this by making sure the pet is calm and is in line with the pet parent.


  • Panicked dogs (and parents)

    – Dog grooming can result in the dog being panicked because a stranger is touching its body and also sometimes, the pet parent being even more panicked because their dog is in distress. In the case of too aggressive dogs, the use of muzzles and collars can be put to use. In the case of mild-natured dogs, the dog groomer can try being friendly and gaining the trust of the dog before diving into dog grooming. 


  • Soaps and Shampoos

    – This can, unfortunately, be too common a mistake during dog grooming sessions. There are times when shampoos and soaps used while grooming might have ingredients that might cause allergic reactions and prove to be stressful. Whether the mishap occurs due to the dog groomer or the pet parent, it is important to note that the safety of the dog is the most important factor. Make sure the dog’s limitations and allergies are noted before using products on them. 


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