Pet Grooming For Aggressive Dogs

Several pet parents today complain of aggression in their dogs. All wild animals show aggressive instincts when they have to protect themselves, their young ones or their territories. However, when bringing domestic animals home, it is crucial to tame them as early as possible in order to not have any aggressive concerns later on. Aggression in dogs includes several behaviours that can lead to a possible attack if not handled properly, for example – fierce barking that sounds threatening, snarling or baring teeth and growling, a bite that may leave a mark on the skin, etc. If you have an aggressive dog you may notice these symptoms individually or simultaneously. 

Problems that come with grooming aggressive dogs

There are high chances that an aggressive dog would exhibit undesirable behaviour during grooming sessions. Although there may a range of reasons for this, the most common one is anxiety. Others include confusion, fear or a bad grooming experience from the past. Dogs tend to remember such experiences and will most likely tend to defend themselves when being groomed. 

How do you successfully groom an aggressive dog?

Grooming is an essential part of your dog’s routine. For the same reason, it is unavoidable and you must gradually train your pet to tolerate it. At PawSpace, we are extra patient and gentle so your pet trusts us and enjoys the grooming session, rather than being afraid. We also offer at-home grooming sessions so your dog isn’t stressed about leaving to a new location in order to be groomed. 

When to begin grooming your dog?

Ideally, you must start grooming your dogs when they are puppies. This is because puppies are open to experiencing new things and may enjoy grooming. However, if you’ve adopted an adult dog, you must start grooming them right away. Moreover, it is not impossible to train elder dogs to tolerate grooming – you might just need to invest a little more time. 

Make use of positive reinforcements

One of the best ways to keep your dog motivated is by rewarding them regularly after they display good behaviour. This encourages them to keep pursuing it. PawSpace groomers make sure to carry lots of treats to offer your pet before and after the grooming sessions. 

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