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Pet sitting vs Pet boarding

If you are an avid pet lover who either owns a pet or loves adoring them in general, then you might already be familiar with the concept of pet sitting and some form of pet boarding too. While there might be quite some confusion on how both of these work, it all comes down to taking care of your pets when you are unable to (for a short period of time). Although the concept of the two is quite similar – both involve taking care of your pet, but learning their distinctions might make it easier for you in the long run. A lot of pet animals need a temporary home or a caretaker to make sure they are alright while their human parents are away for various reasons. If you have a dog, you are more likely to hire a dog boarding service as they usually adjust faster and better to new places when compared to cats interacting and accepting strangers. PawSpace offers in-home dog boarding services that largely differs from the pet kennels that usually cannot guarantee the kind of service this type of pet boarding service can offer. So first let’s learn the major distinctions between pet boarding and pet sitting and understand what the differences are and how those matter while you are in need of a pet carer for your fur baby.

Similarities between the two services – 

  • Taking care of your pet in your absence 
  • Provide them with food, medications and all the other necessities
  • A person or people acting as a temporary guardian taking complete responsibility 
  • Constant and consistent updates to the pet parent about the pet’s well-being
  • Possessing emergency contacts and acting promptly in case of any emergencies
  • Be friendly and cordial with your pet 
  • No form of violence meted against any pet animal under any circumstances
  • You provide them all the things that your pet might need when you are away 

Differences between the two services – 

Pet sitting  

  • Services provided only for a few hours 
  • The service provider or the pet carer usually takes care of the pet in your home 
  • You provide them with basic amenities that they might need for themselves while taking care of your pet (water, a place to sit etc)
  • You need to provide them (the pet carers and/or the service providers) access to everything (or only required things) in your house that is needed for taking care of your pet properly

PawSpace pet boarding 

  • Services provided across days according to your (customer’s) requirement 
  • Service takes place in the pet carer or service provider’s house
  • You make sure that they possess all the basic amenities at their home 
  • You explain your pet’s needs that will be required during the entire stay
  • You explain them the ground rules that needs to be followed religiously while staying with your pet for long 
  • You get to let your pet stay in a safe place that is pet-proofed 
  • You do not have the hassle of worrying if your pet is caged and restricted like in traditional pet boarding kennels 
  • You do not need to worry about hygiene during your pet’s stay for days at someone else’s home 

Kennels that host pets in large numbers with unguaranteed safety and hygiene aspects also are known as pet boarding. However it is always better to avoid these establishments for numerous reasons that you can read here. 

Now that you know how the two concepts of pet sitting and pet boarding differ, you can choose the one that is the most convenient for you according to your requirements. Either way, your pet deserves to have someone always caring for them and making sure that they have everything and more when it comes to their needs 

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