The Ultimate List of Essentials for Pet Grooming

Pets are the most lovable company human beings will ever come across. Pets form an integral part of our lives with whom we share an inseparable bond. From the time we get them, they instantly become our family members. Like human beings, pets also feel a necessity for grooming. Pet grooming is an essential activity that needs to be performed in a regular manner. This should be an ongoing process as it caters to your pet’s liveliness and helps them stay fresh constantly. Now, pet grooming can be a giant task if you do not possess the essential products. To get you through it, we have listed the ultimate list of essentials for pet grooming.

The Ideal Brush

Did you know that the correct brush can do wonders for your pet’s wellbeing? A big yes. Depending on the breed, size, and density of hair, you need to look for the perfect brush. The first essential of pet grooming is brushing your pet with spacious enough brushes that detangles it all. For instance, a slicker brush is the most suitable for your golden retriever, whereas Shih Tzu likes to be caressed with pin brushes of either 20 or 27 mm spacing. 

In the case of cats, a slicker brush is a constant for all types. When your cat is regularly brushed, they crave that activity and literally beg for it. Therefore, the next time you watch Animal Planet with your cat, ensure that you have the brush handy as they will rush to get brushed. 

The Relaxing Comb

The next pet grooming essential is finding the right comb for your baby. For dogs, you can opt for a regular or a curry comb. The latter one is a product of wood or plastic but might hurt your dog if not being extra careful. Curry combs are beneficial for dogs shedding too much hair. For your cat, you can get a fine-toothed comb which is popularly known as a flea comb. The best way to comb your cat is to constantly apply talcum powder to detangle the hair mats. 

The Cleansing Shampoo

Your dog needs all the lovely tresses similar to human beings. Find a shampoo that is solely made for dogs or cats. The shampoo needs to be primarily a cleanser to clean the pores – reaching beyond the cat or dog’s hair to the skin. An enjoyable shampooing process will make your fur baby feel energetic and rejuvenated. Though it is to be remembered that frequent shampooing may leave your pet dried up. Thoroughly cleanse all the residues that are left on your pet’s body.

Just like humans, pets need conditioning too as it leaves their hair feeling hydrated. Find a conditioner that is made only for your dog or cat. 

Picking the Perfect Clippers and Scissors

Nail trimming or cutting is a very significant pet grooming step. You need to constantly keep the growth of your pet’s nails in check. The reason is, if your dog or cat’s nails grow too long, they will inevitably become dirty and eventually a hub for bacteria and infections. The best way to groom your pet is to trim the nails in a weekly manner. Disinfection of the clippers prior to and after cutting or trimming is important as well. However, don’t accidentally cut the nail too deep or even too little. 

Additionally, you need to trim your pet’s matted or tangled hair. Get a cordless clipper to clean the hygiene area to keep your pet clean. Scissors are another important pet grooming essential that needs to be present in your list. Opt for the scissor that is curated for your dog or cat solely. Remember, a scissor designed for your dog will measure 6.5 to 9 inches in longitude. 

Wipes and Sprays

These are a very convenient way of quickly rejuvenating your pet when they are not feeling like having a full bath – therefore quite an essential pet grooming product. These wipes and sprays mostly contain Vitamin E, aloe vera, and are disposable ones as well. These wipes and sprays are mostly suitable for cats. These are completely non-toxic and secure for the kitty.

Some Dental Care

Dental care is considered a prerequisite when it comes to pet grooming essentials. Remember, your dog may not enjoy the process of dental cleaning initially. It is your task to make the activity look affable to them. Don’t ever forcibly try to open the jaws as this may lead to scaring them. It is recommended to brush your dog’s teeth thrice a week. The toothbrush should be extremely gentle, containing soft bristles. The toothpaste needs to be solely made for dogs. 

It is equally significant to clean your cat’s teeth. Brushing your cat’s teeth with suitable toothpaste will eliminate the risk of tooth decay and heavy deposits of tartar, and will save you an immense amount of money. 

Summing It Up

All in all, pet grooming essentials include numerous activities and products as well. To keep your pet healthy, fresh, and hygienic, it is important for paw lovers to be very specific about the process they are undertaking for grooming. Although your furball deserves the absolute best in terms of all of these, sometimes we may not be able to take time out to give them the attention they deserve. 

This is why we here at PawSpace have got your back with our comprehensive, high-quality pet grooming services which are brought right to the comfort of your home! 

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