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Types of dog grooming scissors

If you are a dog groomer or someone who is interested in taking it up as a profession, you will have a thousand questions about how to go about dog grooming and making sure that every pet that goes through a grooming session with you have the best time. Largely grooming is all about understanding the pet’s temperament and working with it to ensure that they lead a clean, healthy life. Dog grooming requires a lot of patience and expertise as it is a profession where you will have to gain the trust of pet parents so they trust with you the job every time their pet baby needs a grooming session. You will also have to learn to maneuver through the session depending upon the size, breed, and temperament of the dog. While it is extremely important to understand the ins and outs of grooming, and information about how you can handle a pet while you are grooming them, it also becomes vital that you know what tools you are working with. While dog grooming can refer to a package, fur trimming is a major factor of the package. One of the most important tools involved in dog grooming is scissors. There are different kinds of images depending on the kind, size, and length of the fur. Let’s look at some basic types of scissors that you will need to know as a pet groomer – 


Chunkers – These pairs of scissors are usually used for curly coats as it helps shape them without losing the overall structure too much. It is also used to remove scissor marks on the coat by helping it give a neat finish. They help add a good texture to the dog’s coat.


Thinning scissors – These kinds of scissors are used more for dogs with dense fur. Instead of cutting them or shaving them down completely, thinning scissors will ensure that you can make them less dense and hence make sure your dog looks natural and also does not need to go through a full trim just to look cleaner. Thinning scissors can also help if you looking to or are asked to try new, cute hairstyles on the dog. Thinning scissors are of two kinds – double-serrated or single-serrated. The difference is that single-serrated have blades only on one side of it while double-serrated have it on both sides. There are also three kinds of tooth pitches – fine, medium, and coarse. The usage and selection of these depend on the density of the fur of the dog. 


Curved dog scissors – This is one of the most popular scissors among dog groomers. The sharp edges of the blade are curved rather than straight making it an extremely convenient kind of scissors for shaping coats properly. Figuring out how this pair of scissors might take a minute, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes extremely easy to shape coats faster and in a more professional way. 


Straight scissors – This is one of the basic dog grooming scissors. They look like normal cutting scissors and can be used for general purposes. Their usage is very easy to figure out as it is similar to the scissors we use in our day-to-day lives. 

Blenders – This is major used to blend the hair around the face and the ears so they do not look oddly cut and the scissor marks are removed completely. Blenders usually have one serrated edge and another side is smooth. This helps in giving it the shape it needs to make sure that after the entire trimming session, it looks natural and there are no obvious cut edges.

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