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What you should not do while pet boarding

If you are an animal lover and more specifically a pet lover, you might have already heard of the concept of pet boarding. It is where pet parents leave their pet babies at some other place (other than their own home) so they can be taken care of while they are away. In contrast to pet sitting, pet boarding lasts more than just a few hours. While in pet sitting, you usually have to go to the pet parents’ house and take care of their pet for the few hours that the pet parents are away, when it comes to pet boarding, the pet parent will drop their pet with you at your place of living so you can take care and keep an eye out for the pet typically for a few days. Of course, there is the traditional concept of pet boarding where the multiple pets are all kept in an enclosure called kennels and taken care of together. This form of pet boarding is not very advisable for a lot of reasons. Some of them are hygiene, the amount of attention given to your pets, and the place they are kept while you are away. So, individualized pet boarding is always encouraged for a pet’s healthy living. If you are one of the people who are willing to take up pet boarding as an occupation or one of those who want to take up this as a service and earn money and find joy through taking care of other people’s pets for the few days they are away, then apart from having a little bit of experience, you should also have a fair bit of knowledge of the do’s and don’ts while pet boarding. So here are a few absolute No-No’s while you are boarding a pet at your home – 


  1. Do not take a breed you cannot handle – This one although might seem like an obvious one, is pretty important to note. Sometimes you might think that although you do not have proper experience with that particular breed (or any other breed of similar size and temperament), you can handle them for just a few days. This will most definitely turn out to be a mistake since things may get very out of hand when you are trying to take care of breeds you know little to nothing about. 


  1. Do not be violent – Regardless of the circumstances, do not hit the animal or harm them physically in any form. This is completely not acceptable regardless of the upbringing the pet had because there is always a way to make them understand without having to use violence. The non-violent way might take some patience, but it always works out positively for you and the pet. 


  1. Do not try to force down your rules – The pets will be accustomed to rules of their own from their own human parents. The right way of imposing rules of the pet you are boarding is by learning what rules they are aware of from their owners and then making sure that the pet follows those rules at your home too. If you want to teach them a new rule during the course of their stay, you will have to be trained to do it patiently and in the right way. 


  1. Do not call at every inconvenience – Make sure that get the list of Do’s and Don’ts from the parents when they leave their pet with you. Know the pet’s mannerisms to some extent and ask their owners for their triggers, so if a small mishap happens, you can handle it yourself. This of course does not apply to big things for which you genuinely might have to inform the owner immediately. 
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