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Why is dog licensing important?

Dog licensing

Dog licensing is one of the most important aspects in the topic of pet ownership. Just like it is important for you to have the approval of the government while doing various activities in your life, it is always best to have a pet license made for your pet so they can legally and safely exist with you. So the primary question that may come up is – what is dog licensing? It is a verification and identification process where the authorities identify your dog, make sure it is vaccinated and healthy, and provide them with an identity of its own.

In Bangalore, Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (the BBMP) is soon set to make dog licensing mandatory. Although our first instinct when any government body annonces something as mandatory is to react in a negative way, this does not have to mean that it is a bad thing. Just like when you are driving a vehicle, you will need a pass (a driving license) to approve that you are capable of driving and that you are doing it legally, dog licensing has a very similar purpose to it. It means that your dog is legally obtained, has approval from the people around, is healthy and vaccinated and finally, is legally allowed to stay with you. It also means that you will be named as a legal guardian and every process and check-ups involving your pet will become much more easier because of this license. 

So, there must be a few more reasons why you should have to choose to license your dog other than just the fact that it might be made compulsory in the future (especially if you are a resident in the city of Bangalore). So what are some of the advantages of licensing your dog? Let’s find out – 

  1. Legality – Like we have mentioned above, although it is not yet mandatory in the city of Bangalore to have your dog licensed, it is a legal process that you should ideally go through. As the government has a process of verification and identification for your dog, it is always better to utilise the opportunity to its maximum. As a law abiding citizen of the country, it becomes your responsibility to have your dog also abide by the rules which will ensure their safety and legality. 
  2. Easy to locate – It might not be the easiest thing to think of your dog getting lost, but it happens to the best of us. However careful you are with your dog, there is always a chance that your dog might get lost due to various reasons. When this happens, if your dog is licensed, it becomes incredibly easy for you to locate them. Since dog licensing involves a chip being inserted into them (it is harmless, don’t worry), locating them in case of any mishap becomes much easier than for a dog that is not licensed.  
  3. Safety – If your dog ever wanders off away from the safety of your home and is found by shelters, if your dog is licensed they are less likely to be euthanized or set aside for adoption very quickly. The license serves as proof that the dog has an owner and/or a pet parent that cares deeply about them and will keep trying to find them.

Easy process – Yes, we know! Going through a lot of paperwork and coordinating your proofs with those paperwork can be quite a tedious process, but PawSpace has got your back. We have a pet licensing service which makes your life much easier. Leave all the headache of the pet licensing process to us and we will make sure that your fur baby is properly licensed.

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