How to keep a big dog calm during pet grooming sessions

When you are a pet groomer, you might face a number of challenges while trying to engage with the animal that you have to groom. Professional pet grooming involves a lot of careful consideration as to how comfortable the pet is with you. It is important that you learn their requirements from their pet parents […]

How to keep a small dogs calm during pet grooming sessions

Calming pet grooming sessions Pet grooming sessions, if not done right, might sometimes prove to be nerve wracking for both the pet groomer and the pet parent. Additionally, if the pet themselves are not comfortable then it might result in a lot of mishaps during the pet grooming sessions. A lot of breeds need an […]

3 tips that can help in cat socialization

Cat socialization Being a pet parent has never been among some of the easiest positions out there, however, it is extremely rewarding to see your pets grow and thrive in the environment that you created for them. A lot of the times pet parents unknowingly coddle and ensure that their pet is always protected and […]

Pawpedia: All you need to know about Chihuahuas

Breed description about Chihuahuas Who doesn’t love these adorable toy-sized creatures that easily win everyone’s heart? That’s right, we are talking about the Chihuahuas. The breed that has currently grown extremely popular due to their adorable size and their ability to adjust to urban spaces that are relatively small. Everyone loves a cute little pet […]

3 tips that can help if you are a pet groomer

If you are a pet groomer If you provide professional pet grooming services, you might already know a lot of tricks of the trade that help be a good one. While being a pet groomer can be challenging, it is always quite rewarding as a job. Pet parents are always thankful for the job you […]

Apartment Patio Ideas for Dogs

Throughout the pandemic, many dogs in need have found their forever home, but creating a space where they can enjoy outside can be difficult if you live in an apartment. Apartment patios are a great space for pets to explore the outside world from the comfort of your home, and can even become a sanctuary […]

4 tips that can help in dog socialization training

Dog socialization training If you are a pet parent, making sure that they are comfortable moving around different things the world has to offer is important. Dog socialization is a concept where dogs are taught to be comfortable with other people, sounds and their surroundings in general. As human beings living in a society, we […]

Pawpedia: All you need to know about Shih Tzus

Features of shih tzus   This time at Pawpedia, we have decided to talk about these cute little adorable creatures called Shih Tzus. They are extremely popular for their tiny size, the very cuddly demeanor and their ability to be very adjustable to modest sized apartments. Shih Tzus are also known for having extremely adorable […]

How often should you walk your dog?

As a pet parent, dog walking would play an important role in how you raise your dog. Just like human beings, dogs need exercise and activity to stay healthy. Actually, dogs being more active than humans, need to ensure that they are exercised very often so they stay in the pink of health. Although a […]

How to avail PawSpace at-home pet grooming services

PawSpace at-home pet grooming services As a pet parent, especially if you own animals like cats and dogs, you are bound to know the advantages and need for grooming and keep your pet happy and healthy on a daily basis. Pet grooming is a process where the pet is thoroughly washed, cleaned, and all their […]

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