Ways to encourage positive behavior in dogs

Having a dog is almost like having a child of your own. You have to make sure they are well-nourished, give them an abundance of love and affection and always encourage positive behavioral traits so they flourish as good and unproblematic animals as they grow up.You would never want to hear that your dog is […]

How to be a good dog walker on a rainy day?

When the monsoon arrives, so do the worries of a dog walker! We know you are having a hard time navigating through traffic amidst the puddle, the rain and hundreds of other people. However, monsoon season also means as a dog walker, you might not be able to provide the dog with the same amount […]

How to choose the perfect dog breed

Bringing a new member such as a dog into your life can be a significant, life-changing decision. Before you head over to the pet store, you need to ensure that you are ready for a dog. One must also keep in mind the importance of costs that come with dog ownership. Finally, if you have […]

How to emotionally prepare your pet before going away for your vacation without them

Like you pet parents, PawSpace too firmly believes that pets are an integral part of families and leaving their side for multiple days can be heartbreaking for both them and yourself. However, your pet’s boarding session can be fun and comfortable for them and less worrisome for you by preparing them properly. Keep reading to […]

How to get yourself, your home and your pet ready for the pet sitter

PawSpace has finally managed to find you your perfect pet sitter with whom you are satisfied. What’s next? Before you leave home to run errands, we suggest you note the below-given steps, so you, your pet and the sitter have a seamless experience. It’s essential to make your pet’s stay with their sitter as worry-free, […]

PawSpace Recommends – 5 dogs best suited for small spaces

It’s a long-gone myth that you can’t own a furry companion if your living space is small. Although some dog breeds such as a husky or a german shepherd require larger homes, plenty of breeds will be more than happy in a small apartment. Lucy, for you soon to be dog owners, PawSpace is dedicating […]

7 Foods toxic to cats

As cat parents, all of us want to ensure that our furry friends are in the best of health at all times. We feed them the most nutritious of foods and healthiest of veggies and meat. However, now and then, your cat may crave a little treat that may be new. As much as you […]

What should you ensure before getting a dog

Who doesn’t want a cute little puppy dog running around in their house? Or an adorable puppy dog charming all your friends? Yeah, we understand! You want to quickly welcome an absolute cute puppy to your family. So, if you are planning on stepping into the world of dog parenthood, just make sure you are […]

5 tips you should know if you are trying to be in home dog trainer

Have an adorable doggo at home that needs a little discipline in their life? You have got us for that – PawSpace has the best dog trainers easily available with just a click.  When it comes to training, puppies as young as 6 weeks old can be trained. However, young puppies can be taught only […]

How to train your puppy to pee outdoors

One of the most essential and primary skills you teach a new dog, especially a pup, is potty training. Most professional trainers recommend that it be started as early as between 12-16 weeks. There are two ways of doing this – one may train them to relieve themselves at home, in a pee pad when […]

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